The vision of the Michigan Junior Angus Association is to provide the opportunity for youth interested in Angus cattle to develop leadership skills and form lifelong relationships through activities associated with the Angus breed.

2017 Michigan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors are seated from left Blake Pillars, Jaycie Brown, Maggie Reid, Austin Pillars. Second row Thea Zellmer, Amanda Kosal, Hunter Brown, Kavina Johnson. Back row Matthew MacMaster, Paige Zellmer, Jack Reid, Brady Zellmer. Not pictured is Sterling Reichenbach.

2017-2018 Officers

Austin Pillars
(269) 672-9657 | Email: clayknollfarm@att.net

Vice President:
Brady Zellmer
(269)945-7795 | Eamil: bzellmer4@yahoo.com

Paige Zellmer
(269) 945-7795 | Email: bob@highbanksangus.com

Jaycie Brown
(517) 294-7220 | Email: jsjbrown@yahoo.com

Kavina Johnson
(517) 639-5510 | Email: hejohnsoncows@yahoo.com

Awards Chair:
Amanda Kosal
(810) 434-2986 | Email: amandakosal@gmail.com

Miss Michigan Angus:
Kavina Johnson
(517) 639-5510

MI Angus Rep:
Brady Zellmer
(269) 945-7795 | Email: bob@highbanksangus.com

Board of Directors

Term Expires in 2018:
Kavina Johnson (517) 639-5510
Jack Reid (517) 663-6075
Hunter Brown (989) 827-9729
Matthew MacMaster (989) 736-6020

Term Expires in 2019:
Kris Kosal (810) 434-2986
Blake Pillars (269)672-9657
Maggie Reid (517) 663-4266
Thea Zellmer (269) 945-7795


Term expires in 2018:
Lori Pillars (269) 672-9657
Rob Reid (517) 663-4266

Term expires in 2019:
Bob Zellmer (269) 945-7795
Susie Brown (517) 294-7220

Michigan Junior Angus Membership Form 

NJAA Ambassador Program

The National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) Ambassador program is designed to recognize one outstanding junior Angus member who will support the production of the Angus breed and the consumption of Angus beef on a national and international level through learning at various educational conferences and seminars. For complete details, click here.

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