The 10 producers who registered the most Angus beef cattle in the state of Michigan recorded a total of 425 Angus with the American Angus Association® during fiscal year 2017, which ended Sept. 30, according to Allen Moczygemba, Association chief executive officer.

The 10 top recorders in Michigan are: Grand River Angus Farm LLC, Grand Rapids; Dow Livestock Acres, Mulliken; Kevin Beckington, Merritt; Lisa Jo Lutchka, Grass Lake; Butternut Ridge Farms, Coldwater; Phil & Lisa Tuggle, Ithaca; Bordner Angus Farms, Sturgis; Filhart, Clare; Seldom Rest Farms, Niles; Todd R Bean, Mount Pleasant.

Angus breeders across the nation in 2017 registered 332,421 head of Angus cattle. “Our growth this fiscal year continues to demonstrate strong demand for Angus genetics and solidifies our long-held position as a leader in the beef cattle industry,” Moczygemba says. “These results underscore our members’ commitment to providing genetic solutions to the beef cattle industry.”

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