Michigan Angus Auxiliary

Michigan Angus Auxiliary Officers 2024-2025

2024-2025 Michigan Angus Auxiliary Officers:

Rachael Coleman
(734) 645-2304 | Email: itsmerachael@gmail.com

Vice President
Ricka Boehmer
(517) 719-3158 | Email: ricka.boehmer@gmail.com

Sharon Vaassen
Email: svaassen@med.umich.edu

Lori Pillars
(616) 862-4619 | Email: clayknollfarm@att.net

Awards Chair
Kendra Diekevers
Email: kdiekevers2@email.davenport.edu

Miss Michigan Angus Chair
Ricka Boehmer
(517) 719-3158 | Email: ricka.boehmer@gmail.com

Scholarship Chair
Kendra Diekevers
Email: kdiekevers2@email.davenport.edu

Past President (Advisor)
Julie Thelen Conover
(734) 260-8635 | Email: thelenju@gmail.com

Kendra Diekevers, Lori Pillars, Janel Boehmer

Katelyn Dargus of Buchanan, MI is our 2023 queen
Katelyn Dargus of Buchanan, MI is our 2023 queen


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The Michigan Angus Auxiliary celebrated 50 year in 2017. View more about their long history


Each year, Michigan Junior Angus members, who are seniors in high school, are invited to apply for the Michigan Angus Auxiliary Scholarship. The forms and directions are available to download from the American Angus Auxiliary website. Get the application & directions here. A panel of judges will review the applications. One boy’s and one girl’s applications will be forwarded to the American Angus Auxiliary Chair for consideration. The winners of the Michigan Angus Auxiliary Scholarship(s) will be announced at the summer show each year. If you have questions, please contact Kendra Diekevers at kdiekevers2@email.davenport.edu

Michigan Angus Auxiliary Advanced Education Scholarship - Learn more and get application.

Certificate of Achivement Awards

The Certificate of Achievement is issued only for outstanding achievements at national, state and district (tri-county) levels. County-level achievements are not eligible. In a given year, a qualifying junior Angus member will receive one certificate, in recognition of their achievement record as reported during the year. The achievements that are recognized, and tracked, on this award are ones that can also be applied to your bronze, silver and gold awards, which in turn are the key to unlocking multiple recognitions, scholarships and opportunities. The full instructions and application can be found on the American Angus Auxiliary’s website under Leadership & Awards. In the past the Auxiliary Awards chair has submitted these forms, but they can be much more accurate and detailed when submitted by the exhibitor. They aren’t due until November 1st, so make sure to track your accomplishments throughout the year, including educational contests, judging and even carcass class! If you have any questions, please contact Kendra Diekevers at kdiekevers2@email.davenport.edu.